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Landscape Settings Help

Landscape Settings

The Landscape Settings window sets options for topographical and meteorological aspects of the game-world. It opens along with Create a New Game window.
To adjust each setting, click the arrow-buttons on the side of each option, or input a number in the box.
Map Options
Water level - Sets how high the water is on the map (default -2). Higher values provide less land and more water bodies.
Mountain height - Sets the maximum height of terrain.
Map roughness - Sets the roughness of the terrain. A higher number creates more undulations in the coastal areas (they look more realistic). Very rough maps may not be able to generate as many cities, industries or roads as intended.

WARNING: Height levels larger that 33 should be avoided (they are not accesible by the player). More ground levels can be generated, if needed, by lowering the water level.
Snowline Options
Snowline is the height on the map above which snow appears. During a year, the snowline in Simutrans varies according to the next settings.
Summer snowline - The snowline during summer (eternal snow). This value is the highest terrain value selected in the climate options. Arctic climate begins from here.
Winter snowline - Sets the minimum height of snowline in winter. To have snow appear in larger areas on the map, keep this value low.
Climate Options
Sets different climate types for the new map.

The value next to each climate type sets the height in the terrain map up to where the climate appears. Higher climate zones are covered by lower climate zones in the lower areas. To turn off a particular climate, set its value to the same as a climate further up in the list (or to water level in case of Desert).

NOTE: Buildings, industries and vegetation have been assigned specific climates by their creators.
Desert climate - Very little precipitation, extremes in temperature. Very few trees. Flat landscape.
Tropical climate - Typical of non-arid areas around equator, constant high temperature at sea level and low elevations.
Mediterranean climate - Moderate changeable wet weather.
Temperate climate - Found in areas between tropics and polar caps, changing weather.
Tundra climate - Low temperatures, edges of polar caps.
Alpine (rocky) climate - Dry climate, cold winters.
Other Options
No trees - Enable this option to prevent Simutrans from drawing trees. Trees take up CPU time to render. Use this option on PCs with slower CPU or low RAM.
Lakes - Enable this option to let Simutrans create lakes throughout the map by filling some pits in the ground with water.
Number of rivers - Sets the maximum number of rivers that can be generated and used in a terrain map. Narrow rivers cannot be navigated by boats or ships of any kind.
Min. length of rivers - Sets the minimum length of rivers on the map (in tiles).
Max. length of rivers - Sets the maximum length of rivers on the map (in tiles).