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Load Height Map

Load Height Map window is used to open a file of a custom-made terrain (for use when creating a new game) & can also be used to delete these files. It opens from Create a New Game window and it lists the names, dates & times (of save) of available custom-terrain files. If not all filenames are visible, use the slider-bar on the right-side of list to scroll through the names.
Click the name in the list to load a custom-terrain map, or enter a name into the text box at the top of the window: click on box, type name & press [Enter] or [Return], or click on OK (an incorrect name will have no effect, try again).
WARNING: Click x-button (if enabled in on the left of the name to DELETE the file immediately & permanently; the filename is removed from list and Load Height Map window closes. Use this function carefully!
Some custom-made terrains are available online at The new file must be in .ppm or .bmp format (best 256 colors RLE compressed) and placed in the personal directory (or folder) named simutrans/maps/
TIP: Information on how to create custom terrains is available online at
Click on Cancel to close Load Height Map window, or x-button in the top-left corner, or use the keyboard.