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Change Player Name and Password Help

Change player name and password

Change player name and password is invoked in two ways:
Either by clicking on the box to the right of a player's name in the Player List or
By changing to a password protected player and issued a command.
If the player has a green box to the right of the name, it is not password protected, and can be claimed and password protected by pressing the green box and entering a password. If the name is not selectable, you must specify a valid password.
You can change the name of any player that does not have a password or that you have unlocked by entering the password by editing the text in the top line.
A password protected player will have a red box right of the name in the Player List. Once you enter the correct password, the box will turn green and you will be able to play as that player. The entered password to unlock is kept locally, so you have to enter the password only a single time, as long as you do not restart the program.