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Load Help


Load re-starts a saved game (to continue play) & can be used to delete these games. A game that is re-started replaces the current world which is lost.
Load opens from Create New World & Game Options or by pressing [L]; & list names, date & time (of save) of available games.
If all games are not visible: use slider-bar on right-side of list to scroll names.
Click on name in list to re-start game; or enter name into box at top of Load: click on box, type name, & press [Enter] or [Return] or click on OK.
An incorrect name will receive an error message: close message, try again.
WARNING: Click x-button by name to DELETE game immediately & permanently.
Use this function carefully.
IMPORTANT: New releases of Simutrans appear regularly & games from previous releases of Simutrans may not work with later versions; please read release notes for later version to see if old games are compatible.
Click on Cancel to close Load; or x in top-left-corner; or use keyboard.