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Message Centre & Message Centre Options Help

Message Centre

Message Centre lists messages from game and opens controls to select how messages are shown in game.
Click on mailbox-icon at top of game-view or press [B] to open Message Centre, which lists messages from game.
Click on a message to move game-view to a related position.
Options button (click to use) opens Message Centre Options which has controls to determine how messages are displayed.

Message Centre Options
Message Centre Options has three columns of square-buttons which select how messages are displayed.
From left to right, the columns select whether messages are shown as: a scroll-text at bottom of game-view; a temporary message; or a permanent message.
{Tips: Click on x in top-left-corner of message or use keyboard to close permanent messages.}
Click on square-buttons to select message options (buttons are indented when selected) for following messages:
New Year: a new year has started.
AI News: an AI player has opened a new line.
City News: an urban area is building a bigger townhall.
No Route: a vehicle can not find a route to its next destination (a Stop or waypoint).
New Industries: a new industry chain (an end-consumer and any necessary suppliers) has been built due to town growth.
Tourist: a city attraction or memorial has been built.
New Vehicles: a new vehicle becomes available, or a vehicle is retired (if timeline is used).
Station full: a Stop is overcrowded.
Problems: player company is in debt and other critical messages.