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Railroad Tools

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Railroad Tools construct a train transport network. Tools may build: railtrack (and electrify or remove it); bridges; tunnels; signals; depots; station platforms; & extensions. If playing with timeline, then as time passes in Simutrans more tool-options may appear.
Click train-icon at top of game-view to open toolbar. Hover mouse-cursor over tool-option (after opening or clicking on toolbar) to see name & where appropriate: construction cost, maintenance cost in brackets, maximum speed limit & maximum length.
?Railroad Tools include, from left to right:
Rail Track: tools build Tracks for rail vehicles between two points. Tracks can only be built on slopes in the direction of the slope & may not find a path across rough terrain, water and obstructions. New Track built, may use existing Track in its path.
To build Track: click on tool to select Track (changes cursor to Track), then click on game-view for start-point of Track (shows a bulldozer in game-view and map co-ordinates on right of bottom-bar under game-view), & finally click on game-view for end-point for Track.
{Tips: Different types of Tracks may connect (however not when built by some other players). Use bridges & tunnels to connect tracks across rough terrain, or to avoid obstructions. Use Landscape tools to change terrain, to enable paths for Track. Use Destroy/Remove to remove individual pieces of Track & some obstructions. Use [Ctrl] at same time for extra functions. Press [t] to select last Track tool used.}
Electrify Track: tools electrify Track, bridges and tunnels between two points in game-view, for electric vehicles.
To electrify Track: click on tool or press [e] (changes cursor to electric-track-icon) to select, then click on Track in game-view for start-point of electrification (places a electric-track-icon in game-view), & finally click on a second point on track, to electrify portion of track up to start-point.
{Tips: Use Destroy/Remove to change back to non-electric tracks.}
Remove Tracks: tool removes Track & electric Track, when no vehicles are present, between two points in game-view (Please note: platforms, signals, tunnels & bridges in path are removed too). Use of tool incurs a construction cost.
To remove Track: click on tool (changes cursor to a red-cross); then click on Track (selects deletion-point shown by a red-cross in game-view); & finally click at second point on track, to remove portion up to first deletion-point.
{Tips: Operate as another player to remove their Tracks.}
Rail Bridge: tools build straight bridges, for rail vehicles to pass, between two pieces of Track in game-view. Bridges have a maximum span.
Tools build bridges from an end of a Track to a suitable place (another Track-end or slightly higher land, within span).
To build a bridge: click on tool to select (changes cursor to bridge), then click on the end of a Track (start-point of bridge) to build.
Some obstructions or lack of a suitable place for bridge-ends will prevent bridge being built: place Track at both sides that is to be bridged, & try again.
{Tips: Use Destroy/Remove to remove bridges (click on bridge-end) & some obstructions to bridge building. Use Track tools to connect bridge-ends to Track.}
Rail Tunnel: tool builds a straight tunnel, for rail vehicles to pass through land, between two pieces of Track in game-view. Tunnels cannot incline: vehicles enter & leave at the same height.
The tool builds a tunnel, on an end of Track placed on a slope. To build a tunnel: click on tool (changes cursor to a tunnel), then click on Track-end on slope for the tunnel entrance.
If a tunnel cannot find a suitable exit (a slope free from obstructions), it will not be built: place Track on both sides that is to be connected, & try again.
{Tips: Use Landscape tools & Destroy/Remove to create suitable places for tunnel entrances and exits. Use Track tools to connect tunnel-exits to Track.}
Rail Signals: tools build signals for rail vehicles on a Track in game-view. Signals direct & regulate flow of vehicles on Tracks & bridges, junctions & Stops.
Two-way & one-way versions of signals can be built. To build a two-way signal on Track: click on tool to select signal (changes cursor to signals); then click on Track. To build a one-way signal: click again at same point, with signals-cursor, to cycle through one-way signals, back to a two-way signal.
IMPORTANT: Take care not to place one-way signals that prevent vehicles reaching their destination, by default vehicles drive on the right (can be changed in
If you hold the control key when clicking on a signal, the multiple signal builder is activated.
- Signals: vehicles proceed only if Track ahead up to next signal or destination in Schedule (a Stop or waypoint) is not occupied by another vehicle. In one-way mode vehicles pass in one direction only.
- RailClose: vehicles do not proceed beyond signal (available in one-way mode only).
- PreSignals: vehicles proceed if area of Track ahead (either between three consecutive signals or to next destination in Schedule) is not occupied by another vehicle. In one-way mode they let vehicles pass in one direction only.
- ChooseSignals: direct vehicles to an empty station-platform, at a multi-platform Stop: a vehicle passing this signal may use any empty platform at its next destination, and not just the one assigned in its schedule. If no empty platform or clear route to next destination is found, then vehicles wait at signal.
{Tips: Remove signals with Destroy/Remove. Hold down [Ctrl] to place signals on bridges over lower Tracks.}
Train Depot: tool builds a depot for purchasing & managing trains and carriages. Depots have a maintenance cost & are built on the end of Track in game-view.
To build a train depot: click on tool (changes cursor to a depot), then click on end of track.
{Tips: Remove depots with Destroy/Remove. Depots show electric vehicles only if on electric track.}
?Rail-stops: tools build station-platforms, used by rail vehicles to pick-up and drop-off goods, passengers & mail.
A station-platform when not built adjacent to an existing Stop will create a new Stop.
Rail-stops have a maintenance cost & are built on Track (but not at bends and junctions in Track).
Rail-stops have a catchment area for goods, passengers & mail. Different station-platforms may have different capacities for goods, passengers & mail. In the corner of some tool-options an icon (used in Station List & Stop Information) shows which items the station-platform allows a Stop to handle.
To build a station-platform: click on tool to select (changes cursor to a platform), then click on Track.
{Tips: Remove Rail-stops with Destroy/Remove. Extend station-platforms & build multi-platform Stops (by building more platform sections on adjacent track) to accommodate longer and more vehicles, increase capacity & catchment area. Press [v] to show/hide catchment area for goods & passengers in game-view. Hold down [Ctrl] to build on bridges above lower Tracks.}
Extensions:tools construct extensions & buildings for Stops which may increase capacity, catchment area and maintenance cost.
In the corner of some tool-options an icon (also used in Station List & Stop Information) shows which items the extension allows the Stop to handle.
To build an extension: click on tool to select (changes cursor to extension), then click required position, beside an existing Stop, in game-view. The new extension is now considered to be part of the Stop.
{Tips: Remove extensions with Destroy/Remove.}