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Special Construction Tools Help

Special Construction Tools

Special Construction Tools construct items that are not traffic related and also allow you to operate as another player in the game.
Click red-drop-in-yellow-circle-icon (crane-icon in pak128) at top of game-view to open toolbar.
Hover mouse-cursor over tool-option (after opening or clicking on toolbar) to see name & where appropriate: constructioncost.
Special Construction Toolsinclude, from left to right:
Post Office: tools build a post office that enable a Stop to handle mail. Post Offices increase the capacity and catchment area of the Stop and have a maintenance cost.
To build a post office: click on tool to select, then click in game-view by an existing Stop. The new Post Office is now considered to be part of the Stop.
{Tips: Remove Post Offices and some obstructions with Destroy/Remove.}
Station Extensions: tools construct extensions & buildings for Stops. Extensions may increase capacity & catchment area for goods & passengers, and maintenance costs. In the corner of some tool-options an icon (used in Station List & Stop Information) shows which items the extension allows the Stop to handle.
To build an extension: click on tool to select (changes cursor to extension), then click required position, beside an existing Stop, in game-view. The new extension is now considered to be part of the Stop.
{Tips: Remove extensions with Destroy/Remove.}
P+ Change Player: allows game-play as another player if Allow player change was selected at the start of the game. Extra options are available as the public service player.
Click on tool (or press [P]) to cycle through players. A confirmation message appears that player has been changed: click on x in top-left corner of message or use keyboard to close.
found a new city: tools establishes a new urban area.
To build a new city: click on tool or press [C] to select (changes cursor to town hall), then click required position, in game-view. The new city costs 5 million credits and will be built without further confirmation.
{Tips: Click on the town hall in game-view with Destroy/Remove to remove the new city buildings.}
Plant trees: tool places a tree in game-view.
To plant a tree: click on tool to select (changes cursor to tree), then click required position.
{Tips: Remove trees with Destroy/Remove.}
Build Power Transmission Line: tool builds powerlines that supply power between transformer stations at power plants and industry (to increase productivity). The supply of power generates income. These powerlines cannot cross diagonal tracks and roads.
To build a high power transmission line: click on to tool or press [l] to select (changes cursor to power lines), then click on a transformer station placed next to a power station, & finally click on a transformer station at an industry to supply it with power to increase production.
Transformer station tool builds a transformer station at power plants or industry for connection to high power transmission lines.
To build a transformer station: click on tool or press [g] to select (changes cursor to a red-drop-in-yellow-circle), then click required position beside an industry or power plant, in game-view.
Transformer stations built at power plants must be connected to transformer stations at industry with powerlines to supply electricity.
If no electricity is being supplied, the transformer station in game-view shows a yellow-lightning-strike, when electricity is being supplied it shows a red-lightning-strike.
{Tips: Industry and power plants can have multiple transformer stations to increase electricity supply. Remove transformer stations with Destroy/Remove.}
Make a sign: tool opens controls to place a sign with personalised text in game-view and can be used to move game-view to a different point.
Click on tool to select or press [M], changes cursor to a text-marker, then click at required point in game-view to open Make a Sign controls. At the top of Make a Sign controls are co-ordinates on map of selected position and an empty box, enter required text in to box (click on box, type the text and click OK or press [Enter] or [Return]) to place sign. The new sign is shown in game-view and listed in Make a Sign controls (with map co-ordinates) when re-opened.
To move game-view to a sign point: open Make a Sign controls and click on required position in list.
To remove a Sign: click on Make a Sign tool or press [M] to select, changes cursor to a text-marker; then click on co-ordinates of sign in game-view; then click on Remove in Make a Sign controls.
To close Make a Sign controls: click on x in top-left-corner of controls; or click onCancel; or use keyboard.
{Tips: Map co-ordinates of cursors can be seen on right of bottom-bar under game-view. Use [!] to toggle texts of signs in game-view.}
Replace a stop: This tool can be used to replace a stop in the schedules of all of the convoys and lines that use it. It can also be used to change the scheduled tile within a stop (for example, to move all the lines to a different platform of a railway station). After selecting the tool, click on the stop (or part of a stop) that you wish to remove from the schedules and then on the stop (or part of a stop) that you wish to use in future. All the convoys that previously used the first stop will now use the second stop. Depending on the setup of your schedules, there may be some disruption to convoys travelling to the first stop at the moment of the change.